The bioavailability of your chosen product is very important, the below   shows that 90% of water soluble CBD is absorbed into the body, where as only 10% of CBD oil is absorbed. Many popular brands have a very low percentage once the CBD has passed through the gut, this is known as first pass.

Hemp Number One’s  full spectrum water soluble formula gives you the benefit of being water soluble plus it works out as great value for money being 50% cheaper than Love Hemp’s 40% CBD with approximately the same bioavailability.

 Supplementing your wellness routine with a powerful plant compound like Whole Plant Hemp extract does not need to be a chore. As a species, we’ve grown up with the cannabis plant, and hemp has played such an important role in our history.

We all contain an incredibly complex and important endocannabinoid system in our body that helps to regulate the function of our nervous and immune systems. Activating this system with hemp supplementation is something that nearly everyone can benefit from.

Hemp Number One is the best water soluble Hemp Extract in the UK