Water Soluble CBD UK
Our bodies are mostly water. Our Brains are 80% water, Cells are 90% water, and our blood is 85% water. It does not take a doctorate to figure out that if you put something into your body that is not water soluble, then your body will have trouble absorbing it because of it bioavailability. The national consensus is that only about 10% of non soluble vitamins are absorbed by the body.
In pharmaceutical industry there are many side effects from drugs. One of the top reasons for this, is because of poor bioavailability of drugs or molecules that are not soluble in water. So if your body can only take in 10%, then a person needs to consume 10 times the therapeutic recommended dose to get any therapeutic effect because of the bioavailability.

 Hemp Number One have developed a unique process that make our whole plant extract 100% water soluble.  We are confident that this unique marriage of water solubility and whole plant brings a product that is far more effective, because of its high bioavailability.