CBD Water made simple

CBD water has really taken off, its a great way for you to get a daily dose of CBD. I recently tried a leading brand of CBD own water made with Spring water and powdered cbd, it wasnt the most plesant experience, the taste was foul and it lingered on  my taste buds for at least 10 minuntes, I wondered who would actually by it and if they did would they buy again, I certainly wouldnt.Hemp Number One’s Hemp extract is 10% water soluble, so here is how we made our own CBD water which you can easily make yourself.

Ok, so grab your water bottle, this one I purchased from Ancient Purity its Handcrafted and made from lead-free glass, the top is made of wood and the protector from cork, so it all round super plant friendly.

Add two drops of Hemp Number Ones Whole plant extract, from our easy to use airless pump. If you require more or less cbd then adjust accordingly.

Give it a shake

And there you have it, one bottle of Full Spectrum CBD water. The savings are a no brainer, a 500ml bottle from a well know brand retails at £14.99, the same volume cost for a 500ml of home made Hemp Number One’s CBD water is £1.60, say no more…..