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Whole Plant Hemp Extract

Based on Essex on the Saltmarsh coast, we have always been inspired by the minimal landscape and the big Essex skies, flooding daily the salt marshes are some of the most biologically productive habitats on earth, rivalling tropical rainforests.

Our sustainably sourced products,  are 100 percent natural. With nothing added and nothing taken away.  We do not use pesticides or herbicides on any of our products. We use a unique process to  which doesn’t damage the plant. Our water soluble extract is a thick and dark, with no carrier oils added, thus giving you an extract that is unlike any other on the market.

The Most Powerful Plant on Earth… Hemp Number one Whole  Plant Hemp Extract is what we’ve searched for since first ever learning about the benefits of the Hemp Plant. We have tried and tested so many and have found this to produced incredible results fast. This Whole Hemp Plant Hemp Extract is the ultimate version of the most effective natural plant on the planet. With some research or advice from a natural health practitioner, you will learn about the incredible life-giving properties of the plant in this form.

With use of this Whole Plant Hemp Extract, you could change the direction of your health or to simply ensure good health. We believe that it not only offers such incredible nutritional powers but also opens up neurological pathways (which allows natural healing to happen). With this in mind, it will also allow the body to assimilate the full effects of any other supplements you may be taking, as well as the health properties of a rich organic diet.

Water Soluble CBD UK

High Potency, Plant Infusion

We only use Grade A organically grown hemp . We’ll never compromise our quality by using inferior raw materials imported from other countries or use quick workarounds. The hemp that goes into our products is extracted through a unique water extraction methods and meet or exceed all industry standards.

Here at Hemp Number One we try to keep things simple. We are focused on making our products free from all the nasty stuff that is found in so many modern products.
The core of our business is to promote health and wellbeing, through diet, exercise, and lifestyle choices. In our modern world of both work and social pressures, it is hard to keep a healthy mind body balance. We believe that Hemp Number One products help to promote a healthy balanced lifestyle.

Hemp Number One follows an ancient extraction process, a living natural organic process as mother nature intended, absolutely nothing destroyed… as often with alcohol and Co2 extraction.

This is a different thing to many Hemp Extract Oils, this is the real power of the Plant as nature gifted it, its the process that Hemp Number One use, it doesn’t belong to anyone and was created by our ancestors, modern-day spreading of information has allowed this process to spread around the world.

Ancient Strain, Grown in unpolluted soils

The unique strain that these plants are grown from, comes from a natural environment that has not been cross-contaminated with any other strain but inbred over generations.

The strains variety is highly stable and present very few variations (if any) from each plant to another. Meaning this strain is as old as time, it’s all about the purity of the plant, it can’t get more natural and real than this.

The soil in which the plants are grown is rich in all the components to create a healthy thriving plant, pollutant-free and has never been used for in-organic farming. It is vital the plants be grown in real soil outdoors.

Surrounded by nature, not agriculture…

There are no huge agricultural machines, no chemicals anywhere near, just an all natural environment. From the beginning with landrace genetics, through a natural supportive environment to a Sacred Harvest.

Produced is a Whole PlantHemp Extract uniquely potent and exceptionally effective.

We understand that without you, we have no brand.  At Hemp Number One every decision we make will have you in mind.  If the order isn’t right, if you the customer has a question, we want to know about it.  We aren’t just in this for margins, we are in this to provide our customers with the best  experience on the market.  Your well being is our priority.  We want to earn your loyalty and have you as our honored customer for life.

We our proud of where we come from at Hemp Number One, our whole plant extract is made by us in Essex, on the Saltmarsh Coast. Made in small batches, our high quality artisan whole plant extract is 100% water soluble which makes it 80% more effective than oil.